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Communicating the #Xperience™ of travel & brands in a variety of #Xpressions while treading every inch of the globe

#Xperience™ is envisaged to be a trend-setter to broadcast all digital media and cross-media platforms. It is intended to help travel & leisure brands gain followership, subscribership, viewership and help increase quality traffic.

LiveTV is a platform to air LIVE events, press launches, campaign releases etc. as it connects and engages with worldwide demographics.

1point5billioninches™ is a unique travelogue web-series-IP that highlights the emotional connect of the uniqueness of a place one visits. It is simply an enthralling cinematic engagement of travel, food & drink, music, adventure, folklore and culture.

2Wheels&anEngine™ is a concept for digital content creation, product integration, digital promotions and social media engagements for motorcycle brands at a global level.